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Angelica Matveeva is a singer, composer and lyricist whose specialty and artistic goal lies in creating and carrying out concept projects.

Angelica was born on August, 25th 1985 in Moscow (Russia) to an Armenian father and a Russian mother, started her career in Stockholm (Sweden) and during stays in Italy, Poland, Turkey and Finland collaborated with musicians from these countries. 

Currently Angelica is based in Norway.

Angelica's debut album
Swedish poetry goes jazz was released in April 2011 and consists entirely of her own compositions on Swedish 20th and 21st century poetry. Musically the style is an emotional blend between hard bop and vocalese inspired jazz, with strong and imaginative melodies and non-trivial musical forms, dictated by the forms of the poems. The goal of this project was to combine the endless musical richness of jazz with inspiring and meaningful stories, lyrics that are interesting to listen to.

Her second album
Cabaret français: cinq portraits , a tribute to French chanson, has been released in October 2011. There Angelica returned to her musical roots - pure melodramatic pop known for its profoundly emotional, larger-than-life stories put to sing-along catchy, timeless classic melodies with at times a touch of swing.

Her third album has been released on the 26th of January 2015 and its concept is vocalese, a subgenre of jazz where the vocalist interprets originally instrumental improvisations with lyrics. The album
Vocalese features not only existing vocalese pieces, but many completely new ones, where Angelica has written her own lyrics to solos by jazz icons Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver, Franco Ambrosetti, Clifford Brown, Lou Donaldson, Peter Asplund and others.

Besides her musical career, Angelica Matveeva has in 2008 also obtained her Specialist degree in International Relations from Moscow City Government University of Management, and in 2011, a Master's degree in Social Sciences from the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University (Sweden). Angelica is currently employed at the University of Tromsø, Norway.

Angelica Matveeva is married to Finnish researcher and writer
Christer Pursiainen.

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